•     Tuesday  20/01/15     At the Fairways      12 x 1 minute 1 min  recoveries
  •     Thursday   22nd    From the club   Improv  45/ mins  exp/ 60mins easy pace.
  • Tuesday  27/01         At Bray Park Track    4 x 800m at pace
  • Thursday 29/01 From the club    Improv 45 mins with 15 mins at M/P
  •                                              Exp  60 mins 30 mins M/P

All Pace work to begin with 10-15 mins warm/up and 30 secs sprints x4

Followed by  10-15 mins cool down

Routes for Thursdays to be decided on the night.

Options: Skindles,  Half Boulters Lock, Full Boulters Lock, Jubilee,                                  Burnham. Slough.