Our new website takes a somewhat different and more modern approach.  It is based on the well know blogging system WordPress, a powerful open source content management system, with a host of plugins available.

It is easy for any member to contribute and you are encouraged to do so. All you need is an author login, please speak to Charles Allen or use the contact form.

Every article has a comment link and anyone can comment, no login required, although there may be a slight delay the first time you comment.

Some pages, the ones you access from the main menu, have fixed content. These are maintained by the admin and cannot be commented.

All this is Phase 1. In Phase 2 the plan is to rewrite our failing results database and re-launch it on this new platform.

A plea

This is your web site!  Please use it, keep it updated, comment and be active. Join our facebook group. Contribute some running routes to MapMyRun. Add some pictures to our Picasa albums. This is a community web site and it’s success or failure depend on how much YOU get involved because no one is going to update it for you.