A selection of links to various material on the internet relating to Burnham Joggers. Hope you find some of this either:

  • entertaining
  • interesting
  • or maybe even amusing/surprising

Visual Arts Project and Exhibition – Burnham Joggers (including a Video about the Club)

YouTube – same video as mentioned above

Buckinghamshire Advertiser – Fast run for Burnham joggers (May 2009)

Dunstable 20 – Tring Running club – a lone BJ runner on video

Burnham Beeches 1/2 Marathon – 2008 Runner’s World Event Rating (most of them very positive!)

Burnham Beeches 1/2 Marathon – Caldicott School

Burnham Beeches 1/2 Marathon – Course Measurement – so it’s official, no short-cuts built-in to improve PB potential 😉

Slough and Langley Observer – BJ “impress” at Dash (June 2009)

Cliveden Cross Country: Garmin Route of the Month (November 2008) – with some nice photos of the race route and Cliveden

Cliveden Cross Country – Maidenhead Advertiser – Weather impact…hopefully better luck in 2011!

If you have any other good links relating to BJ then leave a comment…and you (yes you!) better get back to doing some ‘proper’ work now!

PS: Congratulations to Nigel for a sub 3:30 Marathon finish in Brighton!