Burnham Joggers hosted their annual Charity Evening on Thursday 9th February. Five charities were in attendance, all giving a brief review of their work in the area:

Alzheimer’s Society Eric Abbott introduced the charity. They have been grateful beneficiaries of support from Burnham Joggers for a number of years and gave an update on their activities in the Beaconsfield area over the last 12 months.

Pepper Foundation Nell Neale introduced the charity and their representative Dave Beven  enlightened the club with a description of their support for nursing.

Lighthouse Mick Driver nominated this local charity and their representative explained how the charity ran one week summer ‘camps’ for local children in South Bucks.

Chiltern Prostate Cancer Support Group John Irwin introduced Andrew Scott- Priestley, the Chairman of the support group, who outlined their activities over the last year in raising the awareness of Prostate Cancer in the both the male & female population. Burnham Joggers are one of the main contributors to this charity.

Padstones Eric also introduced the Chairman of Padstones, who are based in Burnham High Street. They provide accommodation for local homeless children.

All the charities greatly appreciated the efforts of Burnham Joggers in organising events that benefit their causes.