Keep the evening of Thursday 2nd August free!  We will be having a running Scrabble evening!  This is fun as well as a different way of doing speed work!

You run in a team of three, collecting Scrabble letters. To earn a letter you run to a location. There are three possible routes. Letters are awarded based on the route length: short – low score letter, medium – high score letter, long – blank. The locations are at the junction of Pink Lane and Poyle Lane, and Wymers Wood Road (or both locations for a blank), so the routes are not long at all! After collecting a letter, run back to the clubhouse and add it too your team’s collection.

Running continues for 40 minutes then letters are counted up and teams have 10 minutes to make the highest scoring set of words they can. Winner is the team with the most points.

Everyone is welcome!  If you want to find out more speak to one of the committee members or Pav as she will be organising it (Thanks Pav!) – Pav will want to know who will be coming so please let Pav know as soon as possible.