The Ridgeway Run on Sunday was the penultimate race of the Club Championship. The final positions are becoming clearer with some to be decided in the Staggered Jog at the end of the month (volunteers needed for timing).

With a perfect string of bullets, Andrew Powley cannot be beaten and the next few positions are pretty safe too.

It is a close 2-way tussle between Nick Cole and Nigel Sullivan for 6th now Peter Allen is safely out of the way in Hull.

Chairman Irwin can move up a place if he can drop a 16th on the 28th Oct and push John Gilpin back to 14th.

Of those with only 6 races, Bob Hardman and Phil Jones could tally up to quota in the final race, potentially pushing back members currently higher up.

In the ladies championship there is a huge opportunity for Jo Stringer in the final race to upset the established order of Rachel Sammes, Alison Allen and Jenny Zaremba.