Saturday, September 7th 2013

Burnham Joggers take on the Marathon du Medoc

A group of Burnham Joggers will be entering the Marathon du Medoc. If you’d like to join them contact Jenny Zaremba before the February registration.

History – Created in 1984 by a group of passionate marathon fans, the marathon nicknamed the “Medoc” has become a must for many marathon runners over the years. The “Medoc” is a marathon you just must have run like New York, London or Paris. This success does of course lead to problems with the number of runners allowed to run the race. The race is deliberately limited to 8,500 participants and despite everything it has managed to preserve the spirit of the founders built on 4 fundamental pillars that are inseparable for us : Health – Sport – Conviviality – Fun.

The AMCM association that organizes the “Medoc” comprises 90 volunteer marathon runners. The main goal of the “Medoc” is to attract runners of all types and have them discover the benefits and pleasures of long distance running. The Medoc does this by welcoming and rewarding the first and last under the same conditions.