All, please find below update from Russel of the first Staggered Jog of the new season with a new starting point from the Club House – well done to everybody!

The Result spreadsheet can be found in its usual place under Club Championship.


Congratulations to 11-year old Mark Stringer for an A T P B and the best personal performance this month for which he wins the Staggered Jog Trophy.  Congratulations also to Natalie Zinc for an A T P B.  Many thanks to Eric Abbott and John Davies for help with time-keeping also to John Monaghan, John Irwin and Bob Engel for help with  marshalling.  Special mention to Nell Neale who acted as tail-end-Charlie/Charlotte to ensure no lost runners on the first run from the Cricket Club.

The next SJ will be held on Sunday 29th December starting at 10.00hrs.  Please register from 09.15 and well before 10.00 to avoid congestion at the start.   Since a large turnout is anticipated from this new venue additional help (3 persons) will be needed to ensure accurate timing between 10.45 and 11.15.   In the  meantime much successful and healthy running to all.