The ENVA 10 Cup run will take place on Sunday 9 March starting at 9-30am.  The course will be the original course as very few members have come forward to say that they would act as Marshals.  The start will be from the bridge across the motorway by the Pineapple Public House in Lake End Road  and finish by the bridge across the motorway in Marsh Lane.

Registration will commence at 9-00am.  Care must be taken around Sainsburys as there will be a number of cars entering their car park at the same time as the start of the run.

The other place where care must be observed is the corner of Marsh Lane with the A4.”

The entry fee is £1-00 which will pay for the engraving of the Cup.  As it is a Championship event, it is hoped that there will  be a good turnout.  The results will be calculated on Age-related basis.