First of all well done to everybody who turned up considering the weather (both runners and helpers)!

Big thanks to Dave for organising this again and Jo, John, Darren, Bob, Jon for helping.

1st one back in the half marathon was Nigel with an excellent sub 1:30 time!

Helper’s Half 2014 Results

Half Marathon
Nigel Sullivan 01:29:07
Chris Rose 01:30:29
James Quincey 01:37:40
Phil Bickley 01:38:38
Mick Driver 01:53:17
John Gilpin 01:53:21
Phil Jones 01:59:02
Oliver Keene 02:04:41
1 Lap ~7 miles
Ben Schiffer-Harte 00:49:00
Nick Cole 00:55:04
Patricia Keene 00:58:15
Liz Bemment 01:00:05
John Irvin 01:01:50