Hi All,

To all those who attended Saturday night’s Awards evening I hope you enjoyed yourself as well as your guests you brought along. For those who missed the evening perhaps next year.

 All the ladies looked fabulous and fellas well are fellas!

For the benefit of those who couldn’t make it, here are last night’s winners but let’s remember the REAL winner is the Club:

Club Championship – Men – Joshua Cardwell
Club Championship – Ladies – Bev Holmes
Stan Tugwood Cup (Best age related Marathon) – Nigel Sullivan
Staggered Jog – Suzie Buck & Nigel Sullivan
Dublin Cup (Most Improved Senior Club Member) – Helen Butler
Rising Star ( Most Improved under 35 Club Member) – Martine Thompson
Jim Flynn Trophy (Significant Contribution to Club) – John Monaghan
Bob Geldof Mirror (for raising the most money for charity) – Gary Norcott
Cross Country – Men – Nigel Sullivan
Cross Country – Ladies – Rachel Sammes

Congratulations to the above who apart from the Cross Country winners hold the Club Award for one year but received a small cup to keep. The Cross Country winners keep their trophy but previous year’s winner are listed on the back.

A big thank you must go to Helen Sucksmith who organised the evening and her team of Suzie Buck, Caroline Sealy and Yvette Buckingham who helped set up on the day.

Thanks also to Marilia Monaghan for the gift of the glass work given to every lady present.

I am delighted to say the raffle raised just over £600 so thank you to all those who purchased tickets and also those who donated prizes. To those who didn’t win sorry but it’s the luck of the draw.

The Committee would appreciate any feedback although I can’t see how we can improve in the future apart from getting rid of that old git who hogged the mike all evening!

Alan – Chairman