Tuesday 8th of December 2015 Time 07:30pm
Venue: Burnham Cricket Club
Preparation For Endurance running Evening.
Main Topics:
Strength Training for Running  by Chris Zaremba
Recovery Nutrition by the new local company 
Jump Nutrition 
Rachel Sammes will  talk about a new Gait analysis available.
Runners Retreat will be there with advice on gear and a new GPS watch on the market.

There will be an optional collection for   Our Speaker   Chris Zaremba ‘s Charity  A voice for Esme, A  little girl  from Wendover who suffers with Rett’s Syndrome.  The charity  will help her parents provide  support for her to communicate through a specialist computer.

If you are  new to running or an experienced Burnham Jogger  the evening is for you.

Patricia Keene