Results of Staggered Jog  –  29 November 2015
Score Name Actual Time MPM 12mPB %+/-
1 John Monaghan 48m 00 48.00 7.72 7.78 0.72
2 Dougie Fisher 55m 50 55.83 8.99 8.96 -0.30
3 Paul Cordner 44m 05 44.08 7.09 7.00 -1.34
4 Kim Bates 62m 46 62.77 10.10 9.46 -6.75
5 Alan Watson 60m 34 60.57 9.75 9.12 -6.88

Not a very good turnout this month due to Cross Country event  and other races. Congratulations to the 5 members who ran and particularly John Monaghan who was the only runner who achieved a plus improvement on his 12 PB and wins this month’s Candlesticks.

Many thanks to John Davies who kindly helped with the timing and results.

At the last Committee meeting it was agreed that in order to overcome the problem that usually arises when the Staggered Jog clashes with other popular running events, in future the date of the Staggered Jog will be changed to the previous Sunday or the Sunday after.

The next Staggered Jog will take place on Sunday, 27 December 2015 at the usual time of 10-00am but please be there to register by about 9-30am.