Score NameActual TimeMinutesMPM12m PB% +/-
1Claire Symons57m 0857.139.199.361.80
2Kim Bates53m 5353.888.678.781.22
3Louise Welsford53m 0553.088.548.580.37
4Annabel Heath64m 1964.3210.3510.35-0.05
5Dave Appleby47m 3847.637.677.55-1.56
Helen Butler47m 3847.637.67 No 12mth PB

Unfortunately, very few members turned out for this month’s Staggered Jog. This was due to other commitments including the Cross Country event.

Congratulations to Claire Symons for winning this month’s candlesticks. She has been a regular runner of the Staggered Jog having now achieved 65 runs.

Well done, Kim Bates and Louise Welsford for achieving all times PB’s. If only Helen Butler had run 2 seconds faster, she would have been included in this category.

The next Staggered Jog will take place on Sunday, 31 December 2017 at the usual time of 10-00am with registration before 9-30am.