As agreed with Andy Burland, Oliver is the winner of the May Staggered Jog. Andy used the last SJ (his first for 12 months) to keep Niki company and as a test run.

ScoreTime% Comparison
1Andy Burland49.0126.62
2Oliver Keene53.292.05
3Sarah Pearson44.33-0.30
4Hannah Vose63.23-1.22
5Partrick Butler37.42-2.44
6Nikki Parker67.34-2.33
7Nigel Wright46.23-2.50
8Louise Sebire56.03-2.81
9Paul Sasada45.42-3.08
10Ben Hull44.19-3.46
11Chris Cooney57.09-4.13
12Jo Luty50.49-5.87
13Sean Rooney43.03-6.21
14Claire Symons60.42-6.30
15Hilary Gauna67.35-6.43
16Phaedra Casey60.04-8.16
17Alan Watson69.46-8.90
18Derek Wilkins66.02-9.39
19Heather Tucker62.47-9.73
20Caroline Sealy64.54-9.88
21Julie Barlow69.59-10.67
22Mary Lord70.59-12.64
23Claire Pusey47.16-13.89
24Annabel Heath69.23-13.90
25Jenny Brown57.58-14.60
26Stephen Greenham57.40-14.76
27Yvette Dumler63.49
27Abi Watson58.24