% Comparison
1Lindsay Dacre50.14*11.30
2Andrew Mulville46.30*10.23
3Alison Cronin54.268.97
4David Barnes40.22*7.42
5Rob Talbot41.10*6.08
6Andy Burland46.06*5.95
7Zoe Mardell59.53*5.57
8Rachel Sammes47.234.98
9Mark Digby46.27*2.18
10Oliver Keene52.242.03
11Stefan Stasiuk56.521.87
12Louise Welsford52.28*1.38
13Nigel Sullivan41.41.30
14Andrew Somerville56.31*1.22
15Tony Clish51.531.05
16Yestin Linton-Smith56.48*0.93
17Sarah Pearson44.12*0.49
18Paul Sasada44.25-0.41
19Phaedra Casey56.07-1.05
20Sean Rooney42.39-1.39
21Ben Hull39.52-1.40
22Kim Bates56.03-1.54
23Mick Driver48.57-1.84
24Niki Parker65.48-2.10
25Seb Mauf51.03-2.17
26Derek Wilkins61.44-2.26
27Partrick Butler37.42-2.44
28Annabel Heath64.50-2.69
29Claire Pusey42.40-2.81
30Hilton Lindo45.57-3.61
31Jo Luty50.12-4.58
32Serena Imani65.25-5.09
33Andrew Humphrey39.54-5.14
34Warren Lovell46.22-6.06
35Hilary Gauna68.15-6.70
36Heather Tucker65.24-14.30
37Andy Bates50.27
37Emily Bird60.04
37Andrew Brown52.06
37Felicity Dunne60.21*
37Chris Firman54.55
37Nick Greatorex47.07*
37Lynda Groome68.15
37Derek Humphrey41.12
37John Jenner57.50
37Helen Sucksmith60.55*

What a busy and fun morning. Results attached. Could I ask all to check especially all the Andrews as we had quite a few!

We had a great turnout today and some really good results with many PB’s as well as bests for the year. The breakfast as always was lovely and I am sure appreciated by all.

Congratulations to Lindsay on a great run today.

I would like to thank all my helpers without whom we would not be able to run the Staggered Jog. The Evans’s who always provide the tail bike, Elise, Alan, and Jenny and Phaedra’s Children who did a sterling job.

As you may be aware the numbers for staggered jog have been going up which is great but it does mean that I do sometimes need more helpers. which have been becoming more difficult to find. As we now have a Notice Board I am going to put up a schedule of the staggered Jog dates and ask you to fill in the days when you would be able to help so that we can continue run successfully.