Time% Comparison
1Andrew Humphrey36.15*9.15
2Yestin Linton-Smith53.28*5.87
3Tom Rylance79.555.37
4Stephen Greenham47.47*4.91
5Helen Sucksmith56.30*2.19
6Ben Hull38.49*1.27
7John Jenner57.09*1.18
8Tony Clish51.191.09
9Derek Humphrey40.590.53
10Mary Lord65.590.00
11Partrick Butler37.50-0.35
12Nigel Wright46.12-2.10
13Lynda Groome69.54-2.42
14Derek Wilkins62.21-3.29
15Richard Coleman55.22-3.30
16Andy Burland47.50-3.76
17Mark Evans44.58-6.98
18Niki Parker69.13-7.40
19Hilary Gauna69.54-7.62
20Annabel Heath69.06-7.66
21Mick Driver51.49-7.80
22David Barnes43.40-8.18
23Heather Tucker69.05-11.58
24Kim Bates62.20-12.92
25Serena Imani73.14-17.64
26Louise Welsford62.20-18.81
27Andy Bates62.20-23.55
28Jessica Collins62.20
28Claire Primett62.20
28Peter Walker45.13
28Terry Dingley59.14
28Steve Hoskins50.05
Personal Best *

Great running and some wonderful times!  Thank you to Alan, Jill, Jacky and Tony for all their help and the golf club for the mince pies and mulled wine.