Time% Comparison
1;Andrew Somerville55.06*2.51
2Sarah Pearson44.12-0.04
3Derek Wilkins60.32-0.28
4Claire Symons59.57-0.42
5Louise Sebire55.21-1.22
6Abi Watson57.29-1.32
7Claire Pusey42.40-2.81
8Annabel Heath66.06-2.99
9Tom Rylance83.20-4.27
10Phaedra Casey58.48-4.78
11Heather Tucker65.53-4.94
12Linda Groome72.18-5.93
13Caroline Sealy62.37-6.01
14Serena Imani66.37-7.01
15Oliver Keene56.32-7.89
16Mick Driver51.55-8.01
17Hilary Gauna72.18-11.32
18Yvette Buckingham68.32
18John Gilpin60.53
18Herve Bavazzano45.05
Personal Best *

Well done to Andrew with the only positive result this month. Thank you to all my helpers, Alan, Helen, Paul, Yestin, Jacky and Eleanor who I hope is staring to feel better and is always such a help.