Time% Comparison
1Bruce Cooke51.26-0.07
2Sarah Pearson46.01-3.60
3Nigel Wright47.14-4.38
4Lucy Bavazzano55.19-5.50
5Herve Bavazzano55.20-5.53
6Paul Sasada46.53-5.99
7Derek Wilkins64.29-6.82
8Alan Watson69.28-8.43
9Andy Burland53.47-9.72
10Claire Pusey45.35-9.84
11Louise Welsford60.57-10.62
12Kim Bates61.08-10.75
13Oliver Keene59.32-11.31
14Jenny Brown58.04-14.79
15Annabel Heath71.19-17.07
16Partrick Butler44.46-21.65
17David Barnes43.36
17Abi Jefferson56.44
17Andrew Somerville62.44

It was an extremely hot run this month and I am sure all the runners were extremely grateful to Jacky and Toni who managed to get a water supply to The Blacksmiths Arms. The runner who coped with the heat best was Bruce Cooke, I don’t like to say this but perhaps this comes with age!!, well done Bruce.

I would like to thank all those who helped, Toni, John and Gary returning from their bike rides, Jacky and Megan the tail end charlies, Lesley who thankfully was able to help at the last moment and my ever helpful finish team, Jenny’s daughters.

It is becoming more difficult to find helpers so I will see how it goes over the last two months of this years SJ but may have to set up a rota of some sort.

Next month if all are happy i would like to run the SJ on 22nd September as the 29th is Windsor Half and I know quite a few are doing this, including myself. Let me know if this is a problem.